September 4, 2023

Our Wonderful Future?

There was a time when people were promised a wonderful life looking forward. The future was so bright, they told us, that you had to wear shades.

We were on an upward trajectory, and all current and yet-to-be-revealed problems were solvable with our whiz-bang infallible technology.

Like how labour saving devices were going to make work obsolete in favour of all kinds of lazy leisure time.

However, the dream was never what it was cracked up to be, and now we are counting down the days before the technological nightmare runs amok and ends us all.

Instead of shades we might consider wearing a helmet and flak jacket.

Perhaps our wonderful future will look much different than what the priests of the techno/surveillance/control wet dream have laid out for us. 

Why wouldn't, given the choice, the people get together to build a doable, sustainable, simple and enjoyable alternative to our "leaders" dystopian vision?

Why wouldn't each of us in our own communities start the work of rebuilding a simple, peaceful, and compassionate world? 

The People's vision will honour the good in all humanity, and usher in an era of cooperation and understanding. 

One that offers a life of enough for all human beings that is fair and equitable.

Or we can do nothing and accept the loss of our rights and freedoms on our way to a technological/medical fascism that got underway in earnest in 2019.

But even if in our inaction we passively allow the later, we still won't have flying cars, robot servants, or food for all. 

Also missing will be peace. 

The choice is ours.

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