August 22, 2022

Kindness, Walking and Nature

From "Little Pocket Book of Kindness" by Lois Blyth.

Walking and Nature: 


“No matter where you live, spending time outdoors is one of the most precious things you can do with your time.


Even in the most built-up areas, something wonderful will be growing somewhere.

Plants have a regenerative quality. They give us hope. The fact that something is growing stills the mind and relaxes the body.
Try to plan your time so that you venture outdoors every day. 

Walk in a park and submerge yourself in the beauty of the different seasons.


Take a close look at the amazing colours and textures that mother nature gives us. 

If you have a garden or yard, love and cherish it.



Expensive plants are not necessary to make it beautiful. Wild cornflowers and poppies are stunning, as are bluebells and rock plants.
It doesn’t matter where you live, something will grow naturally. 

If you have no garden or yard, do you have space for a pot or two, or a window box? You can even grow herbs or vegetables. 

There is little as delicious as something you’ve grown and nurtured yourself.”

It has been a hot, dry summer of long outdoor days around our home and in the vegetable garden. 

We have been harvesting and cooking with food we have grown ourselves, and it is delicious and satisfying. 

Inflation makes us cherish it all even more. 

Today our supper was a big bowl of hodge podge, a local soup made with early garden vegetables. 

Linda's mom makes a mean peas podge, which is simply new peas, potatoes, water, milk, salt, pepper, and butter.

Tonight we went to the garden together and picked peas and purple pole beans, then dug red potatoes. 

We ate our big bowls of fresh garden goodness with homemade oat/sesame/herb crackers covered in soy spread and last year's relish.

It has been a beautiful, regenerative garden season, and as we slide into fall, we only expect more of the same.