July 7, 2020

Simple Solution For The Promotion Of Sanity

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It has been a weird year that has become weirder with each passing day. It looks like the feel of the 2020s is going to be insanity - the decade we finally lost our collective minds.

If insanity is the problem, a good dose of sanity is the solution. 

Where does one find sanity these days? Luckily, lots of places (especially in nature, my favourite), and I have been drawing on them more since the Insane Era began.

Here is one of them where I establish right at home, a small space in which to feel focused, centred, and sane. 

It is simple.

I put on Suburbs of Goa, an internet radio station that plays "Desi-influenced Asian world beats and beyond" with no commercials or interruptions. 

Then I lay out my yoga mat in the corner of our living room.

For half an hour I do Sun Salutations. Not as a warm up for yoga, but as the main event. 

I said it was simple, and it is, but even salutations can be challenging if you are not familiar with them. There are many excellent videos on the web to help you perfect your technique.

If I really exert my self and/or need an extra dose of sanity I do a Corpse pose at the end for a few more meditative minutes.

I repeat this every day. 

Try it yourself. After 30 days you will have a new stress busting, sanity promoting habit. 

Just because the Era is insane doesn't mean you have to feel like you are, too. 

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