February 28, 2024

Inflation Fighters

While we are experiencing the worst moment of inflation since the 1980s, there are always options for consumers. 

Amongst those options are:

- switching to cheaper products 

- switching to cheaper brands 

- asking for a pay rise

- getting a second job (we don't recommend this one)

- shopping around for best deals
- using discount offers like cards, coupons, and cyclical sale loss leaders 

And finally, my personal favourites,

- using less by cutting the amount of the item consumed, and 

- not buying the product at all

What are your favourite inflation fighters?

February 26, 2024

Buddha's Last Words

The last words of Buddha were his final advise from which we could all benefit.

“Behold, O monks", he said, "this is my last advice to you." 

"All component things in the world are changeable. They are not lasting." 

"Work hard to gain your own salvation. Do your best.”

Consummation, skills, and heedfulness is required we are told.

Roughly, it is done through meditation,  and protecting oneself from "outside effluent", desires, and resulting suffering.

And how optimistic is it to be reminded  that all things that arise, will eventually fade away? 

The way we are today is not the way it will always be.

The Buddha tells us that our actions do make a difference, and that they can make a very positive difference.

We can improve, if we work diligently to be our best and become more skilled at this thing called life.

Working on that, we will assuredly bring peace, freedom, and happiness to all beings.