September 13, 2023

Vitamin D

One of the most effective, safe, and cheapest ways to protect your health is also extremely simple. 

If you live far from the equator and don't get regular sun exposure, take a vitamin D supplement.

Most people have chronically low levels of this important determinant of health.

How important is Vitamin D? It is the only vitamin for which there is a receptor in every cell in our body.

And how important is Vitamin D in preventing and treating covid19? According to our governments and their Big Pharma associates, not important at all.

However, even the relentless disinformation campaign that pharmaceutical companies have waged against this vital vitamin, the truth is coming out.

And the truth is, if Big Pharma had  anything as effective and safe as vitamin D, it would be hailing it as a miracle drug and it would cost $40.00 a tablet instead of .04 cents.

pre-print paper in the Lancet showed an 80 per cent reduction in admission to intensive care units among hospitalized patients who were treated with large doses of Vitamin D, and a 64 per cent reduction in death. 

The study found no side-effects even when mega-doses were given short term to the hospitalized patients.

It isn't just covid. This important vitamin, that most Canadians are deficient in, is also effective for many other health conditions, including depression, dementia, and cancer, to name a few.

This immune system support is cheap, and it is effective, and yet, governments and the health care complex continue to either ignore Vitamin D, or spread disinformation about it in order to maintain our ill health and robust corporate profits.

Try asking your doctor about vitamin D during your next visit and see what they say.

If you don't like their answers, do your own investigation and come to your own conclusions about your health and what is best for it moving forward.

Dr. John Campbell's channel on youtube is a great place to start. He calls taking Vitamin D a "no-brainer". 



  1. Are people speaking against taking Vitamin D? I've never heard that - and almost everyone is Vitamin D deficient, including my teenage boys. Every doctor I've ever had suggested taking it. Maybe they were speaking against it as a solo treatment for Covid?

    1. Anonymous9/15/2023

      We have never had a doctor that has asked about Vitamin D (or any vitamin for that matter). But we have had doctors that refused to test our D levels during blood tests that were happening anyways.

      I don't think anyone is saying D is a treatment for covid, but an important part of a prevention and treatment program for overall immune health.

      And there does seem to be a concerted effort to limit or ban the use of not just D, but all dietary supplements. Do a search for "war on vitamin d" or "war on dietary supplements". It makes sense - they want us sick and dependent in order to increase profits.

      I hope I am wrong about this as if true, it reveals some pretty nasty things going on in the world right now.

      Good health!

      - Gregg

  2. Anonymous9/15/2023

    So many health supportive things are being marginalized right now. I’ve met people who think taking supplements is “peeing out money,” meaning they don’t do anything and just go through your system. Clearly they aren’t aware that our soils have been depleted for a very long time. Our foods aren’t as nutritious as they were generations ago, unless you can get really well-grown food and animals. Nutrition is the foundation for all we do and are. They don’t teach it in med and vet schools, so here we are. I’m always grateful for natural solutions to things, vitamin D being no exception. Thanks for all you do, Gregg and Linda! -Erin

    1. Anonymous9/15/2023

      We are getting a good look at what unnatural solutions can do to a population, and it is horrifying. Agree with you about good nutrition - it is the best medicine. That is why we have been eating more organic whole foods, growing a garden, and cooking all our meals ourselves.

      Plus supplements - Vitamin D, B12 (because we don't eat meat), and magnesium with calcium and zinc.

      Thanks for visiting our blog, and adding to it with your much appreciated comments.

      Good health!

      - Gregg and Linda


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