September 30, 2023

7 Techniques of Propaganda/Advertising

We are swimming in propaganda. Drowning in it, more like.

Psychologists have described propaganda as, 
"manipulative persuasion in the service of an agenda" or communications that "induce the individual to follow non-rational emotional drives."

The Institute for Propaganda Analysis was formed in 1938. It identified seven main techniques of propaganda to be aware of:

1. Name Calling: A device to discredit an opponent without refuting his claim.

2. Glittering Generalities: A device that identifies a position with “virtue” by use of words like truth, freedom, democracy, liberty, etc.

3. Transfer: An appeal which seeks to carry over the authority, sanction, or prestige of something we respect.

4. Testimonial: A device to use the opinion of an expert authority for propaganda purposes.

5. Plain Folks: An appeal to win confidence by appearing to be like the common people being addressed.

6. Card-Stacking: An appeal that uses under-emphasis or over-emphasis to dodge issues and evade facts.

7. Band Wagon: An appeal that encourages us to follow the crowd because “Everybody is doing it.”

These techniques are also known as logical fallacies. In other words, they indicate faulty thinking. When this is intentional, is it also known as lying.

Interesting that all of these techniques, and more, are used not just by governments manipulating voters, but are also used extensively in advertising.

"Advertising", said H.G. Wells, "is legalized lying."

That is what it takes to get shoppers to spend money they don't have to buy things they don't need.

If their ideas, plans, and products are so good, why do they need to peddle faulty thinking and lies to sell them to us?

Protection from this scourge is gained by recognizing the manipulation for what it is, and thinking critically and independently.

With so much propaganda going around, nothing is ever what is seems. Eventually reality as we knew it ceases to exist.

Understand what they are doing to try to influence us, follow the money, learn from truth-seekers/revealers, ask questions, and dig deeper.

Most of all, be skeptical, and take a good long pause before buying anything, whether it is a product or a narrative.

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