September 17, 2023

Cutting Coffee

"Greedflation is a term that refers to companies increasing prices purely to drive up profit margins. It implies that greed is the underlying reason behind a rise in the cost of goods and services and suggests that the price increases aren't justified by a legitimate need for a price increase, such as a rise in the cost of materials or labor."

Food greedflation has been crazy. It hasn't been this bad since the 70s, and back then my parents were the ones providing my meals.

When I started buying my own groceries,  a large order would have been around $100 dollars. Gradually over the years that went to $200, and all of a sudden it went to over $300. 

Something had to go to avoid having a large order go over $500.

In my home one of the things that went is coffee. Gasp!

Considering coffee is expensive, doesn't have much of a nutritional benefit, and comes from far, far away, it was a bit of a no brainer.

Not that we ever drank a lot of coffee. But there was a time that Linda and I would share 3 cups of coffee every morning.

Then we cut back to 2 cups. Then zero cups. 

But we found that we still wanted to enjoy a hot drink in the morning, so we tried tea.

It was black tea of a very generic, no-name, inexpensive variety. But it was good enough.

At first we were preparing and sharing 2 cups of tea each morning. Now we share 1 cup.

Each package of tea contains 100 two cup bags, which equals 200 servings. Sharing one cup per day means 200 days of a hot beverage from one package. 

All for $3.50. 

So we went from about $240 dollars/yr for coffee to $5 or $6 dollars/yr for tea.

We will use our savings to buy seeds and other things for next years garden, decreasing the burden of the inflated grocery bill even further.

Best of all, we have hardly noticed the switch from coffee to tea at all. We are grateful for the tea, and don't miss the coffee.

What have they made you not buy as a result of their runaway greedflation? 

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