September 20, 2023

Green Magic

Is the electrification of transportation an actual workable solution? Or will the green magic of electric vehicles just mean a whole lot more car-nage for our ailing planet?

Tim Morgan, in The Way We Live Next has a few of his own questions about what the green wizards are promising.

"We’re assured that a solution exists to climate hazard in the form of renewable energy, principally from wind and solar power. Many critical questions remain unanswered in the wider world.

Here are some of them:

1. If transitioning to renewables is undoubtedly going to be costly – USD 130 trillion seems a reasonable estimate – what are we going to do without in order to pay for it?

2. This sort of money equates to enormous amounts of raw materials, most obviously steel, copper, lithium, cobalt and other minerals – do they even exist in the requisite quantities, and how much environmental damage are we going to cause by mining and processing them?

3. What source of energy are we going to use to access and utilize these raw materials, and, again, what other uses of energy are we going to relinquish in order to make this possible?"

I would not be surprised if the average electric car has a greater carbon footprint from cradle to grave than an equivalent internal combustion model.

It is widely accepted, for example, that car batteries are not recyclable. If that is the case, then the whole electrification project is a major waste of time, money, effort, and resources.

People who actually want positive change more than profit would be talking about solutions like enhanced public transit (electric buses/trolleys), and improving rail lines and service. 

However effective that may be, such a platform is unlikely to get one elected. 

Many people say they want to solve environmental problems, but very few are willing to drastically change their behaviours to make that possible. 

That makes me doubt the green magic they are pushing, whether it is the electrification of transportation, or any other their other elaborate, and ineffective solutions.

The most effective spell that could be cast over high consumption muggles of the world would be "livius simplius!" 

That is the only green magic that has the mojo to make a better world.


  1. Anonymous9/21/2023

    Here in New Jersey, dead whales continue to pile up on Atlantic Ocean Beaches. Gov. Murphy's ocean windmill plan is a complete failure, but he's hell bent on building more, because he's "Green".

  2. Anonymous9/21/2023

    I am heartbroken to hear the stories of the whales. Green energy is anything but.

    "Many people say they want to solve environmental problems, but very few are willing to drastically change their behaviours to make that possible.” So true! I’d say the same about social problems. Talk is a good start, but cheap on its own. -Erin

  3. I am always so confused as to why green EVs and hybrids are touted as the best thing since sliced bread. Ok, sure maybe converting public buses to electric might be better than not...but everybody simply moving from 2-3 petrol cars to 2-3 electric cars is missing the point entirely IMO. People HAVE to get used to living/working/growing/being closer to home. Like the olden days. Trips outside the community used to be rare and planned for well in advance. Using solar in the same way as electric also misses the point. We need to find alternative ways for living and for creating energy, and adjust our lifestyles accordingly. This is going to happen to us regardless, so it's best to plan ahead of time I think rather than have it thrust upon us by Mother Nature. This is not a situation that we can buy ourselves out of and continue living as we do.


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