September 11, 2023

7 Of Our Favourite Waste Prevention Practices

We used to talk about throwing things away, as if they just disappeared. But they didn't go away, they went to someone else's here.

The best way to deal with waste is to not generate as much of it.

That is something I have noticed about living simply - it is a low-waste way of living. 

Not much in - not much out.

Unlike the landfill economy which depends on the production of waste for its very survival, an economy based on need not greed would sustain more people with fewer resources.

That must be why curtailing our overconsumption is never a serious part of the green agenda.

"That is not up for negotiation", said a former leader of the free world, showing his support for lifestyles with more stuff that will need to go away at some point.

But there is nowhere that isn't someone (or something) else's back yard. 

7 Of Our Favourite Waste Prevention Practices

1. Home cooked meals from scratch.

2. Make do with what we have.

3. Wear things out, then mend, repair, and fix them.

4. Grow a garden.

5. Compost

6. Don't use disposables.

7. When making purchases, choose options with the least packaging possible.

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