December 15, 2021

The Great Simplification

The past 18 months have caused unprecedented changes over a short period of time. There is nothing more disorienting than rapid change. 

It is also true that rapid change, as troubling as it feels at the time, can lead to positive outcomes. 

One of those is The Great Re-Evaluation, in which people are wondering if the old normal is worth returning to. Workers have been treated very badly over the past 40 years. 

More and more of those workers are taking notice. This has lead to the second positive result to come from our institutions and systems crumbling around us - The Great Resignation. 

After stopping and thinking about it, workers have decided they are fed up with working crappy jobs just so they can buy crappy stuff from the people that offer nothing but more crappy jobs and crappy stuff.

Looking for a better alternative to work-buy-storage-die, they are quitting their crappy jobs in droves.

As millions of people are pushed into involuntary simplicity, and millions more are choosing to adopt simpler ways as part of their plan for a leaner future, the ranks of the simplified are growing.

It looks like the failed/failing response to the SARS virus may indadvertedly kill the CONSUMER virus instead. 

The Affluenza Pandemic might finally be ending.

The Great Simplification is just beginning.

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