December 7, 2021

Dystopian Non-Fiction

Why bother with dystopian fiction when you can just pay attention to what is happening around you every day?

We have been prepared for this moment by non-stop dystopian "entertainment" over the years. 

That is what the whole zombie genre has been about. It's a message to us that we should be thankful, even with living conditions for most of us having deteriorated over the past 40 years. 

Why? Because things could be worse. Way worse. That is what they were preparing us for.

Now they are scapegoating a very real segment of the global population and making them responsible for the zombie/covid apocalypse. 

The Unjabbed = The Walking Dead.

One thing we are not being prepared for is a happy ending. Where is the story of a working utopia being hammered out among all humans, leading us to finally take our place in a cooperative, compassionate world that values all lives, and all life?

We won't be hearing that story until we declare The End for antagonists like:

- war 

- capitalist consumerism

- forced labour

- a form of representative democracy that doesn't represent and isn't democracy

- profit over people and the environment and science and rational thinking and everything else

- billionaires 

- power hungry narcissists with authoritarian tendencies rising to the top of a sick system

None of these things will go away on their own. But we can decide to write them out of our story. The pen in is our hands.

I don't know about you, but I've had enough of the dystopia that passes for everyday life these days. 

I'm ready for a #newnarrative -

A People's Narrative that will supplant the current version which was made by and for the few.

So I ask, with a nod to Nick Lowe, 

"What's so funny 'bout peace, love, and understanding... and creating a global Utopia?"


  1. Hi Gregg, long time no see! I'm still following your blog with interest from Down Under :)
    I do have a genuine question as I wonder if things might be seen a little differently here and I am trying to figure it out. There seems to be people in your part of the world very upset about the Covid vax, as in disproportionately upset I mean. I would like to understand why people are upset about taking it please? I was under the impression it was hugely beneficial in helping prevent the virus, or certainly lesson the impact of it? We do have some mandates here for some workers who have to get it for their job, but it's not compulsory to have it. I am an old tin foil hat wearing cynic from way back (and a bit of an anti vaxxer for the childhood vax rollout), but this is one thing I genuinely cannot get my head around. A lot of older folk here liken it to the polo epidemic we had, and back then people just got vaxxed against it and carried on with their lives. It does seem like there is more division in the USA around this, and seeing as you're closer to the action, maybe you could explain it to me? I genuinely believe this is a public health issue, not the Government trying to control the masses...or am I (genuinely) missing something in translation here?? Your friend, Karen.

    1. Hi Karen,

      I can't speak for anyone but myself. I found the whole pandemic to be very suspicious from the start.

      The last 18 months have been quite a success for the ruling class as we witnessed the largest transfer of wealth in history to that ruling class and the creation of a new set of billionaires who made their fortunes off covid policies.

      If you view the pandemic situation through the lens of health, safety, science and saving lives, then most of it makes little sense. If you view it through the lens of money, power, control, and wealth transfer, then it makes perfect sense.

      By all measures, most all covid policies have failed miserably, but we keep getting more of the same. Vaccination rates have gone up, and so have cases. That is not supposed to happen. What is their solution? More vaxes.

      This is the weakest pandemic in human history. Why the extreme response with only one approved treatment that does not prevent infection, spread, hospitalization, or death?

      I remain sceptical, as do many other people across the globe, including in your country. Is it not true citizens were shot with rubber bullets and pepper spray in the streets while exercising their right to express their views?

      We are glad you are still with us on our blog, and hope you are doing well.


  2. Thanks for explaining how you view it Gregg. I'm not sure I agree with you, but that's ok... Everyone is allowed different opinions (so far anyway!). I would absolutely believe the wealthy keep getting wealthier during the pandemic, although I think that also happens regardless. I also do see it becoming a them/us situation in regards to vaccination. Whether that's deliberately planned or not is another matter. I'd like to think not, but I also believe there are many divisions happening in society these days outside of anything Covid related. I'm not sure about the rubber bullets comment.. That possibly happened in Australia? We've definitely had people protesting, but as far as I can see it's very relatively peaceful so far. I think we're close to 90% of the eligible population vaccinated and only time will tell if that was a good decision or not. I'll continue to read your blog with interest :)

    1. I agree that "only time will tell" about our decision-making, as long as we are told the truth about the details.

      I have been reading positive things about the Omicron variant. Looks like it may be more transmissible, and less virulent, which is the natural course of these things. That is what happened with the Spanish Flu, for example. If so, it means the end of our current troubles.

      Yes, you are right - Australia. And many other places around the world.

      Please do continue to read. And comment! Good to hear from you.

  3. Hello Gregg. Thank you for your blog, which I have just discovered and have been reading with great interest. It struck me that, on this question, you might be interested in the following thoughtful essay by Toronto's David Cayley.

    Cayley was formerly associated with the CBC programme, Ideas, and among his several books is a recent biography of Ivan Illich. His website,, contains a wealth of interesting material.

    While I'm at it, you might also be interested in a recent biography by John Wooding of Richard B. Gregg, the American Gandhian who, as you probably know, wrote the Value of Voluntary Simplicity (1936).

    Please forgive me if any or all of the above is redundant for you.

    With best wishes from an Irishman in Montreal.

    1. Thank you for your excellent recommendations which are not redundant at all. While the Liberal regime is sticking to its failed "vax is the only way out of this" narrative, restrictions are collapsing around the world as the end of this fiasco seems near.

      My mother's side of the family has roots in Ireland, so I guess I am a part Irishman in Nova Scotia. Part Irish, and part freak!

      Thanks for visiting our blog, and leaving your comment that I will be following up with to see where it leads.


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