December 19, 2021

Satirical Subversive Santas

Consumerism has taken a perfectly good winter celebration and turned it into a stressful frenzy of shopping excess. 

Satirical subversive Santas show us the truth behind it all.

Winter celebrations have been monitized and commodified beyond recognition. Instead of being about peace, joy, and harmony, celebrations are more commonly recognized as the most lucrative shopping event of the year. 

Subversive Santas have done very well, and have been spotted making off in luxury limo sleighs filled with large red velvet bags overflowing with cash.

We can regain the spirit of winter celebrations by refusing to conform to consumer Christmas expectations, and celebrate this time of year without an emphasis on buying.

Throwing a Buy Nothing Christmas is a good way to recover the meaning of winter celebrations and return the focus to peace, harmony, and helping each other make it through the darkest days of the year. 

We could all use a deep joy and connection this time of year, and especially so during this particularly challenging year.

Happy Winter Solstice, Yule, Saturnalia, and Christmas. 


  1. Anonymous12/20/2021

    Every year we ask my boyfriend's family to not buy us Christmas gifts. And every year they do. And I guess it is my past "training" that the minute I know they have purchased us something, I go out and buy something for them. I have been trying to keep that "something" as things to be used like locally made hand soap, chocolate, beer, and nuts. But dang! I just wish they'd respect our wishes and not buy us anything. Maybe if I stop buying in return they will stop...???

    1. "Handmade for you with love" but really dreadful popsicle stick and yarn gifts did the trick for me ...

    2. Anonymous12/21/2021

      Thanks for the reply, Mela. Popsicle sticks and yarn - I can make some "dreadful" gifts out of that for next year. Great idea!


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