December 8, 2021

Precious Moments

It is hard to ignore recent global events. But let us not allow that to darken our days, for precious moments abound if we take the time to see them.

Here are a few of mine that I have been thinking about.

1) Searching the night sky for Leonard, the comet, which may never come back this way again.

Everything down here seems so small and insignificant when you look into the infinite night sky. Maybe we aren't as important as we think.

2) Being gifted an original artwork by my 8 year old neighbour/artist.

The picture depicts a lion. A happy lion. A very happy lion. Is it possible to look at it and NOT smile?

Watch out for those claws.

Humans have been drawing lions for up to 35,000 years, the earliest works being done on cave walls.

Our more recent lion art is being displayed on our refrigerator wall gallery. 

3) Linda sporting a beautiful green bug on her head while on our back porch earlier this fall. 

She calmly waited for me to go inside and retrieve the camera so I could get this pic. 

It is serious communing with nature, further evidence that Linda is a dedicated wildlife enthusiast.

4) Hiking in the back yard, going down to the brook at the bottom of the valley.

There is nothing like a hike or bike in the woods to bring me back to centre. There is no greater reset.

When I come home (refreshed), I always share my photographs with Linda, who can't go with me, but still wants to enjoy the places I go, and the things I encounter.

That's two precious moments for the price of one. First the outdoor experience, then the sharing with Linda.

Finally, there is 

5) Looking in my pantry and seeing more home-canned food than ever before. Pickled beets, cucumbers, relish. Chipotle salsa. Strawberry jam. And a few cans of tomatoes. 

And that stuff that isn't home-canned? We are always trying to replace as much of that as we can with our own preserves. Or do without.

Short supply chains are the new normal. The shorter the better for me. Preferably from our very own garden, yard, and neighbourhood.

We hope you are noting the precious moments in your life. Despite everything else, those go on. 

It is the natural way.


  1. It really does only take a moment of reflection to realize how small we are in the scheme of things. (The very happy lion brightened my day and I'm thousands of miles away).

    1. Glad you liked that. It is nice to have a kid around to remind us of what is important. Kids are smart.

  2. Should be more people that have realized what really matters in this world with all of these covid scares. The best things in life are absolutely free!


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