December 11, 2021

Expectations Exceed Planetary Limits

This is what consumers want, expect,
and have been told they deserve.

This is what the planet can support.

Question of the Day: "What are my expectations in life?"

The expectations of many in transitioned nations have clearly exceeded planetary limits.

It was designed this way to enrich the parasite class, and now it has brought us to the edge of the precipice.

Going forward takes us over the 

But we can choose to back away, turn around, and do something about our trajectory.

That will entail changing our expectations, and deciding what we will keep, and what will be done away with. It is time to cut out the excess and waste wherever it exists because we can't afford it any more. 

We never could. The tale of endless everything was a lie.

I am thrilled to simply have a roof over my head, the clothes required to cover me and keep me comfortable, wholesome food to eat, good people around me, and lots of nature close by.

That is all I expect.

It is enough.

For me.

Your results may vary, but I would wholeheartedly recommend at least giving it a try. Or some such variation that suits your particular needs more effectively.

Be creative. Have fun.

What do you expect from life? 

It is a question worth asking at this point in human evolution.

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