December 24, 2021

Supply Chain Disruptions

Ever since many countries have reduced the productive capacity of their economies, and have become completely reliant on imports, the people have been exposed to long and fragile supply chains for most of what is bought.

How do we reduce our exposure to these complex and failing supply chains so we can still get the things we need if they are disrupted for a time (or permanently)?

The best way to reduce your exposure is to consume less. The less you buy, the less you are exposed to long supply chains with many middle players sucking off the system.

If any of those middle players go out of business, entire supply chains can break down, weakest link and all that.

Another way to insulate yourself is to shorten supply chains for the things you need. Your garden provides you with food without hardly any involvement of outside players at all, except maybe seed suppliers.

If you source the things you need from as close to home as possible, your supply chains will be less complex and more resilient in hard times.

Consuming less remains, however, the single best thing you can do to insulate yourself from a possible global supply chain collapse.

The more you buy, the more dependent you will be on complex and wasteful systems that are currently failing.

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