December 20, 2021

Wisdom Of The Woods And The Water

Over the past couple of years I have enjoyed being in nature more than ever. That's probably because I have needed it more than ever.

Author Mary Shelly said, "Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change."

Since massive changes suddenly began globally in March 2020 doing everything has become more difficult and more stressful for almost everyone.

On the other hand, going to the woods is as easy as its ever been. I just head out the back door of my home, and walk. I could continue walking for days and never leave the forest.

There are no fences, no charges, no conditions for entry, and no one trying to sell me their product or narrative. 

It's just me, the squirrels, and the wisdom of the woods and the water. 

"Woosh, swish, shwee, shush", say the trees.

"Gurgle, kaboing! (deep boulders rumble downstream), splash", responds the brook.

The squirrels aren't saying anything, but I notice they are watching me closely. We have a staring contest. They win every time, and I hike on.

After returning from a good stint in the forest, my response to Shelly would be that, "nothing is as good a salve for the pained human mind as spending time in nature."

If I were a doctor, that is the prescription that I would be writing.

For immediate relief of existential angst and free-floating anxiety, get in nature - stat.

I will finish with some official woods wisdom - 

"One must get up early if one is to go for a hike on the shortest day of the year."

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