December 27, 2021

26 Seconds More

I love the early days after winter solstice. The darkest days have passed, and people everywhere are celebrating having made it out of the dark side one more time. 

The light wins over darkness, as it always has. That's not hopeful, but a fact we can count on every day from now until June.

It is happening slowly, only seconds per day at first, but as we head into the sun the pace will pick up, as will our moods.

Today's length of daylight is 26 seconds longer than recent our shortest day. 

Daylight will be a full and glorious shiny half minute longer than solstice tomorrow. 

And so it goes.

Bring on the sun - its heat, its life-giving powers, and its antiseptic qualities.

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  1. Happy New Year and I do love reading you.


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