November 2, 2021

Revenge of the Hermits


"From Lao–tse and the Buddha, St. Anthony and the early Celtic hermits, through Rousseau, Thoreau, Ruskin, and up to the present day, certain gifted persons have shown a vocation for living alone and apart, finding in simplicity and attention to nature a spiritual space to be explored and rejoiced in." - source

Revenge of the Hermits is the new Revenge of the Nerds. 

Today, the long maligned hermit class is taking their rightful place in the world as the anti-system survivors that they are.

I have always looked up to these independent folks that are brave enough to reject a sick society and have a go on their own.

Often close to nature, and surely with a large garden, the hermit makes a life of living. 

Such an existence is bare and raw and real. It is a self-sufficient life, relying only on ones wits and skills. 

I consider it to be quite an accomplishment when so many today would (will) perish if stores ever ran out of food, or if the electric goes off, or if pharmaceuticals ever stopped flowing, or if there aren't enough doctors and nurses to administer to the people suffering the ill effects of living a modern consumer life.

Do hermits away from it all get COVID? No, partly because they aren't subjected to the relentless propaganda used to keep people dumb and dependent and with wallets open.

While relying on food they have grown and procured themselves from nature around them, do hermits get sick at all?

One man who lived the solitary life in the woods for 27 years said he did not spend a second in all that time bored or lonely. Or at the doctor's office. Quite the opposite.

"I felt utterly and intricately connected to everything else in the world. It was difficult for me to tell where my body ended, and the woods began. I felt this utter communion with nature and with the outside world."

When the consumer/pathocratic machine breaks, and wheezes it final dirty breathe, the hermit will wander in from the wilderness to witness the carnage. 

They will know they have been vindicated.

Shaking their shaggy head, they will turn around and head right back to the peace of the hermitage, lovingly embraced by Mother Nature.

Introverts are owning Peak Crisis. 

We are rocking the lockdowns (ongoing for free-thinkers), and the best way to avoid getting sick is avoiding people who are sick.

It is also good to avoid a society that is sick, as much as that is possible these days. You don't need to be a misanthropist to see that.

It's the revenge of the hermits, solitaries, and recluses. 

And let's not forget the curmudgeons.

I am cheering them all on.


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