November 24, 2021

Save 100%

Just food.

Month after month we look at our banking information and see the same thing. Over the previous 30 days all we bought was food.

And we have had to buy less of that with this year's harvest put away in our pantry and our unheated garage/cold room. 

We are storing carrots (and beets, too, this year) in forest moss again. I will do a post on that soon. See last year's posts on that topic here and here.

Just food doesn't happen every month, but the fact is, once one has the basics of living, not much more needs to be purchased. 

If you buy quality items to start with, they may never need to be replaced.

The 66% of consumers that plan on going out and spending money this weekend, will hunt far and wide looking for the best sales.

The absolute best, unbeatable sale of all time is when you decide to not buy anything. 

"Truth in advertising" is an oxymoron. If it wasn't, you wouldn't want to buy much at all, except what you truly need.

The Not Buying Anything Sale is as true as it gets.

You save 100% every time. 



  1. "If you buy quality items to start with, they may never need to be replaced." No truer words: I have three traditional Aran sweaters I brought back from a trip to Scotland almost forty years ago that, with careful maintenance, are still keeping me warm through Canadian prairie winters. When you buy less you can afford more quality, and there is something about having the "things" about you endure that feels good and solid and grounded.

    1. That’s amazing! I’m currently knitting a few sweaters for the first time and look forward to them lasting many years.


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