November 30, 2021

Adrift on a Sea of Ignorance

It is said that those who know they don't know, know, and those that claim to know, don't know.

In my lifelong observations of human behaviour this has been born out in the evidence.

Sometimes it feels like I am floating on a sea of ignorance, tossed and turned by my human limitations, which appear to as numerous as waves in the sea. 

Lately, it looks like the entire human race is in the same boat. We are blown from one calamity to another before we are blown on to two more. 

Even worse, no one appears to know what the F they are doing. Rudder-less, no sails, and no one wants to dip an oar into the dark, turbulent waters.

Civilization is adrift.

If our species can manage to gain even a small amount of humility, and combine that with a great deal more cooperation, we may finally find our way out of this storm of stupidity. 

"What is critical to gaining more understanding of the world is to learn to accept and appreciate the vastness of our ignorance, and to understand that one can only survive in a sea of ignorance by working with others to make our small lifeboat a little bit stronger.  
Only by embracing the fact of our limitless ignorance can one position oneself to increase the store of knowledge.”

- Bill Jameson 

Some day we may even live up to our sapiens sapiens designation and earn our right to be called "wise and intelligent". 

After 200,000 years our species is still in the dark, barely sentient. It doesn't have to be that way. 

We need to humble ourselves and admit that we don't always know better. That will open us up again to new and vital learnings that will allow us to survive.

That is our lifeboat that will safely navigate us across the turbulent Sea of Stupidity that we are currently stranded upon.


  1. It's baffling and sad to see that the hubris of our species is going to be the ruination of everything.

    1. I think stupidity runs in cycles across history. We are nearing the end of our current cycle. I hope.

  2. Anonymous12/02/2021

    I'm just finishing a book by Carl Safina titled Beyond Words. It is deeply moving and heartbreaking, and full of wonder at the creatures we share our planet with. The elephants, wolves, and orcas of the world are likely more advanced than many of our own species. Throughout the book I was well-aware of human hubris. I think a change is coming, but watching all of this play out is quite difficult. That being said, I never loose hope. -Erin

    1. There is plenty of hope to be had. We could learn a lot from the creatures we share this planet with as they all have lessons to teach us. But only if we take the time.

      I have a friend who has a theory that humans are the only species that hasn't achieved sentience yet. He may be right. I think we are getting there, but way too slowly to save us.

      We have to get smart fast.


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