November 15, 2021

Simple Living Reveals The Obvious

In simple living, it's not that life becomes easy or simple, but rather it becomes obvious.

The way forward is clear.

All actions maximally support one's passions and goals.

Life naturally flows, and balance is achieved. 

Harmonious living is happy living.

That, and more, becomes obvious with simplification and the reduction of wasteful things.


  1. I really appreciate your blog. Recently I was impressed by a post where you said you have not monetized the blog keeping in sync with your overall nonconsumerist world view. This is really refreshing in a hustle culture where everyone is interested in multiple streams of income, and you do have a really popular blog which can earn loads if monetized.
    I want to know your views on crypto currencies. Would you ever consider putting your money in such 'investment'? What are your views regarding investing in general.

    1. I know nothing about crypto, and wouldn't touch it with a 10 ft pole. When it comes to banking, we have savings, not investments.

      The investments we DO make are in our garden, and becoming more self-sufficient.

      So nice to hear from you! Thank you for your comment.

    2. Thanks much for your reply Gregg, I too know nothing a out crypto n was kinda starting to feel guilty about that.😸 Love your investment philosophy n strategy. Works for me too but sometimes I lose my confidence I guess. I keep revisiting your blog to validate that our values n lifestyle are bound to be different from the normal consumerist masses. Thanks for your reply n thanks for your blog. It's a lifesaver!


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