November 5, 2021

Low Tech For The Global Energy Crisis

"A global energy crisis is coming. There is no quick fix", says a high-powered headline recently. Overnight we have entered yet another unprecedented, life-changing crisis. 

It's a crisis of crises, almost like someone is inventing these things. 

Because of all this, and all the other crises they are threatening us with, now is a good time to dial back energy consumption.

A lower-energy future awaits us. We can blame the WEF or we can blame physics, but the result is the same. 

We have to power down.

What will the future be like? 

Think broom, not vacuum.


  1. One thing I've started already this Fall is to dress warmer instead of turning up the thermostat. I even have a handy basket of throw blankets in the living room in case I get company, I can hand them out. At night I'm just keeping it warm enough that the pipes don't freeze. I have a handy push sweeper that is non-electric (A broom doesn't work on carpets that well) As I stated in a recent comment, I'm finding all kinds of electric free options in household gadgets and lighting. I'm ready for a winter storm or the grid going down.

    1. You are smart to be prepared. It is good to be ready for anything, and these days, who knows what might happen. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us here.


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