November 22, 2021

Grow Your Own

Has there ever been a better or more important time to start a garden? 

Or plan to start a garden? 

Or to start collecting the things needed to garden?

Or organize growing space with a neighbour or community garden?

Or to tap into local resources on growing your own food, such as books, videos, and expertise in your area?

Or how about lobbing seed bombs (water balloons filled with seeds) into abandoned spaces like the Green Guerrillas did in New York city in 1974?

Has there ever been a better time to do ANYTHING at all to do with gardening and promoting growing your own food?

Not in my lifetime.

I was checking out The Ice Age Farmer the other day, and saw the following information regarding food prices.

"As a billionaire supermarket CEO says food prices will skyrocket +10% in the NEXT 60 DAYS, the NSA/FBI/CISA are warning of Cyberattacks on food production and municipal water/wastewater systems.  
Our food and water are under relentless attack across all vectors: financial, cyber, supply chain, fertilizer shortages, nat gas prices are conspiring to create a perfect storm within the systems that feed most people.  
Only those who seek to grow and raise their own food will be unaffected by the storm ahead.  
Get ready."

See more here.

We do not want to leave decisions regarding food of the future to be made by corporations and their politicians.

Dependence on that system is fraught with problems.

I am growing as much as I can myself before people that grow their own food find themselves labelled anti-fake food terrorists, and dealt with accordingly.

Happy gardening. Tending the soil and growing your own food is the simplest, most joyful thing a person can do.

It may soon be the most radical, too.


  1. Anonymous11/23/2021

    First, I completely agree that, if you are able, you should grow food at home. Not only for the cost savings, but the less food that is transported far distances, the better for our dear Mother Earth.

    Second, after watching most of the youtube you linked to I would say...I take anything that comes from Fox News with a large grain of salt. The person they interviewed, John Catsimatidis, is not a large grocery chain store CEO - he is the CEO of a grocery chain in Manhattan, his other company being a real estate and aviation firm. Sure, he has some insight into food pricing, but probably not on a large enough scale to be as meaningful as the youtuber wants us to believe. That said, I have seen food prices increase in my area, but not near 10% as mentioned in the interview (the Fox interview was a month ago).

    Yes, I found other sources that mention cyber attacks on food suppliers, and there is somethings going on with fertilizer coming from China. All scary stuff. And all stuff that could come into play when deciding to grow a garden or not. I vote for growing as much as you can, even a small container garden on a balcony can give someone a tiny bit of food independence.

    Lastly, as for the youtuber's comments on "those who got the treatment" ie: vaccinated people...I got the vaccine. And I did it for my own personal reasons which did not include "because the government told me so" (not the "sheeple" the youtuber referred to vaccinated people as). If you choose to not get the vaccine, fine...but I also hope you choose to wear a mask when you are around people who are not in your immediate household. I am vaccinated and I wear a mask as a sign of respect for others around me. And respecting each other is the only way we will get through the pandemic, potential food shortages, and climate change.

    Good luck all.

    1. You are correct - name calling is uncalled for and counterproductive. Both the pro and anti vaxxers will find out what's going on in time. I hope it works out well for all, although I have my doubts.

      More importantly - show respect, cooperation is the way, and grow a garden.

      Thank you for your comment and your research.


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