December 2, 2020

Rockin' The Lockdown

First off, let us say that we are very sorry about those negatively affected by the pandemic and resulting lockdowns. It sucks for a lot of people.

But let it also be known that billionaires are not the only ones that can benefit from what is going on right now. 

You know who has been rocking this lockdown thing? 

Linda. Because of that, I am doing pretty good, too.

For most of us October 2020 marked 8 months of various degrees of stay at home orders. For many it has been understandably difficult.

For Linda, October 2020 marked a full 12 months since she has been away from home, and she has no immediate plans to leave for any reason other than a toothache or medical emergency. 

In addition, she has been in a permanent lockdown in her wheelchair since about 2008.

More recently, she has become locked down in her own body. 

How can she be one of the happiest, most content people I know? How can she handle her multiple lockdowns better than someone losing it when they can't go shopping for a while?

It reminds me of seeing a meme after a major blackout showing a group of Amish men with the words, "Sorry about your electric... lol."

Linda, like so many others in a situation similar to hers, could say something similar.

"Sorry about your lockdown... lol."

It's kind of funny, kind of harsh, and kind of true. 

Learning from adversity is the key to being adaptable enough to turn any situation to your advantage. 

First you must recognize them as opportunities, not obstacles. 

That is how Linda is rockin' this lockdown, that lockdown, and all the lockdowns. 

She handles being locked down with equanimity and grace, joy even, because she has chosen to find the good in what remains.

It is inspiring to be with someone that is living proof that there does not need to be anything lacking in a tiny, beautiful, local, hearth-centred life. 

Indeed, millions of happy, content, simple living people around the world will attest to this very fact. 


Because it is enough. 

We both hope that you are rocking the lockdown, learning a lot about yourself and the world, and are committed to moving forward as a better, happier person.


  1. Anonymous12/03/2020

    So much contentment in accepting given circumstances.

    1. It is less stressful to accept people and things as they are. There is so much to be grateful for in every moment.

  2. Linda serves as an example and guiding light for all of us. Thank you, Linda (and Gregg)!

    1. Linda has taught me that we must accept things as they are. Life is short. How will we spend these precious moments?

  3. Blessings and all best for Linda and Gregg. "My heart soars like an eagle"

  4. Anonymous12/04/2020

    Agree with everyone's comments here. She's wonderful, thank you for sharing her with us. - Mary

  5. Linda has long been an inspiration to me. Our paths are similar and I've been encouraged by Linda's attitude. Really both of you are a wonderful example of acceptance and joy. Thank you for being open and willing to share your lives with us.

    1. You are always in our thoughts, Marla.

  6. Hearth-centred life. Nice. I like it. It's already there, just waiting. Meanwhile, we are taught it's a vacation-centered life. A vacation away from the drudgery of work-centered life.


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