December 21, 2020

Holy Xmas Shopping

How far Christmas has fallen over the last 2000 years or so. 

At one time it was a celebration of the birth of Jesus, and for some it still is. 

Those celebrants might remember that Jesus told his followers that they would be "complete" and "perfect" if they were to give up their possessions. 

I am not sure if this was said metaphorically, but it does speak to practicing a humble simplicity free of distractions. 

However, for most of us, it's a Corporate Christmas, and the only holy thing about that would be the profits that pour out of Santa's Sweatshops into hidden suit pockets.

At this stage in the collapse of consumer capitalism, we can assume anything that system wants us to do is probably not good for us, or the planet.

That especially includes the most common activity of this time of year - obligatory, unfettered Holy Xmas Shopping.

St. Corporate Nick says, "Buy It All", but that will never make us content, happy, complete, or perfect.

Best to strive to make wise, compassionate use of the gifts that have been given us, and not squander our time and energy chasing capitalist false promises.

I believe Jesus would approve that message. Happy birthday. I didn't buy you anything.

Note: To see more of Serbian artist Aleksandar Todorovic's satirical artwork from his "Buy It All, Eat It All" series, visit here.


  1. The whole concept of obligatory gift giving makes my head spin.

    1. Mine, too. But decades of relentless purchasing propaganda has done its job. They take advantage of our good nature and desire to give, and turn it into something awful. But, I have noticed, things are changing. For the good!

      Happy Solstice.


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