December 27, 2020

This I Believe

I believe that most people do not want to live a life defined by work and shopping and what we own.

No one grows up wanting to be a worker drone stumbling along on automatic. 

Life is too short for that, and we can feel it in our bones. 

I believe people want to live a simple life with enough,

spend time in nature every day, 

go to bed when they are tired and get up when rested,  

live in vibrant, supportive, resilient communities, 

grow their own food, 

make their own art and music, 

spend quality time with loved ones, 

lay in the grass and watch the clouds, 

nap frequently and without guilt, 

sit in a comfy place reading for hours, 


actively follow their passions.

This I believe.



  1. This, I too certainly and truly believe. I know it is true for myself. "go to bed when they are tired and get up when rested," is - as someone who has worked evening shifts for the past quarter century - something that I am truly looking forward to when I leave "the job" behind this time next year. I am tired of living out of sync with the natural rhythms. Living in the heart of the city my simple living will be different from yours but I have been slowly building toward the life and speed of life I want. More time for music. More time for reading. More for walks along the river. Love and real living for you and yours this coming year and for many more to come (mid-winter is such a silly time to begin a new year don't you think?). M

    1. We are excited for you as you advance toward your goal! It is indeed something to look forward to, and we wish you all the happiness in your new, simple life.

      This is a harsh time to start a new year, especially if you live in the north like we do. Hope your last year of work is your best ever as you transition to the next (more simple) stage of your life.

      We are excited for you.

  2. Anonymous12/28/2020

    Been feeling like this for over a year. "Life is short & we can feel it in our bones." Oh, yes. Finally, I reached the age of being eligible for social security & I'm looking forward to your list of activities.

    1. I am reaching a stage of life where I can feel the years like never before. It is not all bad, though, because I feel smarter than ever before. I wonder how I made it through my initial years not knowing what I know now. Talk about a mixed blessing! We are looking forward to the rest of our adventure.

      Enjoy getting to your list of things YOU want to do!

  3. I do nap frequently and without guilt. Worked hard my whole life to get to this point.

    1. The nap life is the life for me. I do not mind leaving the pace of the work world behind as it was ALWAYS too fast for my liking. Enjoy your well earned rest.


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