December 24, 2020

Simple Gifts

The world is in turmoil, but that does not mean that each day we have on this crazy planet isn't still a precious gift. With all the death around, this is more true than ever.

In spite of global uncertainty, in our quiet, little rural corner of the planet, every morning Linda and I wake up looking forward to another day. 

Each one we are given is a gift to be cherished.

We have no pain... that we can't handle. 

We are together.

We have nutritious, wholesome food to eat. 

There is wood for our stove to heat our home. 

Our simple life has allowed us to be as free as can be given the circumstances.

We have loving family and friends to share life with us. 

Each morning we are born into the gift of more time. How much more, we do not know.

At this point of the year we like to meditate on the priceless packages nature bestows upon us each and every moment. 

For these simple gifts we are grateful. 

When we treat every day as a gift, an adventure of curiosity and discovery, we wake up excited, ready to unwrap and savour each moment.

Nothing to buy. 

Batteries not required. 

Seasons Greetings to all!


  1. Anonymous12/24/2020

    Gregg, the very best of holidays to you and Linda. Thank you for the time you give to these postings and for helping us all cope through this difficult year. I appreciate the reminder that each day is a gift. May you have a peaceful Christmas day, and all the days that follow. With affection - Mary

  2. Anonymous12/25/2020

    Best wishes for a wonderful holiday.

  3. Wishing you both peace and deep joy!

  4. Seasons Greetings to you also. This is a lovely post, I'm going to write down some of it into the little book of positive quotes, sayings and prayers that I keep and re-read when I need to keep my spirits up (very important at the moment).


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