December 15, 2020

Holiday Gift Giving In A Pandemic

Gift giving is changing. It may never be the same again. You can thank the pandemic for that.

The spell of consumerism has been broken, and you can thank the pandemic for that, too. 

There will be no returning to "normal", despite what we are being told. 

Was normal that great anyway? 

Do we really want to return to that?

Not when normal is wage slavery in order to survive. 

Not when normal is a declining standard of living for most... but not all of us.

Not when normal is rich people going for all the marbles in a global takeover.

Not when normal is the unleashing of violence upon people in other countries that have resources we want, as well as upon our own people... if they are the "wrong" people.

Not when normal is working harder for less, and not having enough time to live.

And certainly not when normal is buying people things they don't want or need because of feelings of obligation, misplaced love, a large dose of advertising arm-twisting, and an even larger dose of "it's the patriotic thing to do".

This gift-giving season, think about a more sensible approach, or consider no gifts at all.

A pandemic is a great excuse to take a break! Do we really want to think about mindless ritual gift giving with so many other more important things going on right now?

If you do give gifts, think of giving something appropriate for this pandemic holiday season. Highly appreciated by most would be things actually needed. And there is so much need right now.

That is the way to go this year, and every year.

Gift Giving In A Pandemic

- food, water, clothing, shelter
- toilet paper (this year's hot gift for sure)
- or better yet, an add-on bidet, or tabo
- tea, coffee, and chocolate provide a moment of respite in hard times
- rent money 
- books (the old fashioned kind that don't need electricity to work) 
- face masks, hand cleaner, disinfectants 
- help paying health care costs
- best is to give the gift of your time

And remember, the gift of nothing is nice if the person in mind doesn't need anything.

Sometimes nothing is better than something.



  1. Very thought provoking. Have you watched Jon Jandai videos on You Tube. He is a very interesting man

    1. Thank you for introducing me to Jon. We are on the same page. Everything he says makes perfect sense to me. A beautiful way to look at life, and a refreshing alternative to a busy life of busy busyness.

  2. Music? Your own or someone else's, is always a welcome treat

    1. Music? Yes, please. Are you making music on your guitar these days?

  3. I so agree. I am so tired of giving just becasue you feel obligated. Is it something you really need? We have always been big on stocking stuffers. Little soaps, hair goodies, cute little makeup things a ma bobs. When we moved this year and then moved one of our daughters, and then moved my sister, we found bathroom drawers full of these things. Years upon years of cute little stuff. We all got together and took it to the women's shelter and agreed, if it is not edible it does not go into the stocking.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story. I got a chuckle.

      Edible is good. Everybody likes food.

  4. Anonymous12/16/2020

    What a great list. I was recently nervous about tackling this topic with a relative who came back into our lives. I decided to be honest and email her saying that Christmas gifts for adults are not part of our family tradition. I told her this started when money was tight but continued because of the environment. I was over the moon to get a reply saying she felt exactly the same and did not need or want a thing. Wonderful! We will enjoy some food and togetherness for Christmas instead.

    On the other hand, a cousin recently visited and brought two bottles of wine as a gift, which we will not use. I thanked her for the thought and suggested she give them to the next hosts on her road trip. She was mightily offended and just wouldn't take them! However, the piano tuner was here yesterday and very happy to take them off my hands.

    Can I add another appreciated gift? Seeds for the veggie garden, or plants you have grown from cuttings if you know someone would like them.


    1. Re-gift shamelessly, I say. It's all about sharing anyway. Sharing is good.

      Congratulations of broaching a difficult topic to talk about in a consumer culture. These conversations are the way we change things, and we need to have more of them on a broad variety of issues.

      Seeds and plants are a very good idea. They could be the start of something very beautiful.

  5. I am giving e-cards from Amazon to two teen grandchildren; books, tape and flashlight to friend who shares his house with me. Other than that, nothing to anyone. My children get a Christmas card. However, I found a project--Big Pink Purse Project. I manage to fill one big purse and plan to do six for next Christmas. The stranger to whom I gave the first purse, cried and so did I. It was very fulfilling.

    1. That is a beautifu and touching story. Nicely done.

  6. It's taken some time, encouragement and the pandemic, but finally convinced my family that gifts are no longer wanted or needed. Some great suggestions here (in your post and comments) for those who still do the gift thing. I truly have hope that things will never go back to the way they were. I'm seeing signs all around.

    1. We are truly living in exciting times. Way to go on being a convincer. You are being the change. Powerful stuff.


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