November 29, 2020

The End of Black Friday Madness

2020 will go down as a year which ushered in many changes. One of those will be the end of experiencing Black Friday by being crushed at a building entrance by an excited mob of hyped up consumers in a madness of advertising-fueled desire and longing.

Retailers have been pushing consumers online almost since the internet was born. It is the endgame at the end of a long trend.

For a long time now they have dreamt of a time in the shiny antiseptic future where commerce could be conducted without having to interface with real, messy people.

They don't like you, just your money.

Today the only way a customer can be right is by shopping madly from home. Our digital devices have become portals to infinite shopping.

Everything is conducted in a digital environment controlled by ones, zeros, and algorithms. Meeting in physical space is so yesterday since now they want everyone to stay home, pandemic or not.

It is just less messy that way.

Soon, all the owners will have to see are more dollars in their bank accounts, not our sorry asses tainting their brick and mortar locations with unpredictable and unwanted things like expectations and emotions.

But at least you won't run the risk of ending up at the bottom of a pile of swarming bargin seekers. 

But you could still end up at the bottom of a pile of crushing debt.

The next step is saving money by quitting shopping for needless things altogether.

Like us, they do not support consumerism in any form, whether in person, or online.

We all look forward to the end of the consumer life, because the less you consume, the more you live.


  1. I am very much afraid of being injured in a Christmas crush!

    1. Or a Thanksgiving throng! Or mashed by the multitudes. Stay safe out there.

  2. Thanks for the link to docs on the subject. Even those of us who have been non-consumers for a while can use a refresher.

  3. I have been saying for decades that calling us a consumer society is a misnomer - if we actually consumed what we acquire we wouldn't be drowning in garbage and "stuff." We acquire, we have, we dispose. Much of the time we don't even use what we acquire, we just have it for the sake of having it.


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