November 4, 2020

Hysterical Strength, And A Good Scream

Hysterical strength - it's a thing, and we are going to need some moving forward. A good group scream would help, too.

Hysterical strength is the "mom lifts car off baby effect", but it applies to anyone that needs to draw up a moment of serious strength to complete a task. 

Chances are, when calling upon this reservoir of unbounded strength, one would also use a vocalization, a scream, to get the job done. 

Cars are heavy, after all.

Sometimes when I am transferring with Linda I have to muster a brief moment of extraordinary strength to get the job done, even though she is not nearly as heavy as a car.

Every once in a while I scream. Sometimes I scream a swear.

You could call it hysterical, I guess. But I look at the results - so far every transfer we have done together has been successful. 

No one has gotten hurt, and no one has ended up on the floor. Or stuck on the toilet.

Linda asked me about my choice of word that I call on to muster my super powers. It was time to experiment with some new ones.

I tried screaming "love". 

It didn't work. 

I tried "fart", a four letter word closer to the one I usually use. 

It didn't work, either. It has to be the right four letters, because words are magic.

This all made me think about the martial arts scream known as Kiai, or "breath". The short, sharp scream is for "compressing and delivering an instant release of stored energy."

The Kiai is also good to let out your anger, if you have any. A good scream releases negative toxins from your soul, as well as gets work done.

I do not know the results of the US election as I write this, but I don't think it matters much. 

Either way, we are going to have to push our elected governments to listen to the electorate. We will still have to be in the streets, will still have to struggle to create a world that works for everybody everywhere.

This task is huge and ongoing, and we will have to muster up a good dose of hysterical strength to lift the weight of 6000 years of oppression off of us.

It is good to know that when under duress we can tap in to a special strength powered by love and courage, and perform heroic feats.

A good scream can't hurt, either, in order to focus our energy on the goal, and tap into our storehouse of power.



  1. Probably apropos of nothing you said, when my son was being bullied when he was five, I told him to make a mean face, scream and move toward the six-year-old bully, ensuring my son the kid would run. It worked. I need a good scream right now!

    1. Glad that worked. Primal scream therapy for all!

  2. My sister comes to my house on Mondays and stays overnight to help me with things I can no longer do. This past Monday evening (when she was in another room) I had to get up from a sitting position. Since I live alone, I'm used to yelling out when I'm doing something that takes that burst of strength (or when I'm in pain) I startled her by yelling, but I heard from the other room "You forgot I was here didn't you? I try to hide all that when someone is around. Now I think I'll just let it rip. Swear words and all.

    1. That is funny. Let er rip, I say. It is a healthy outlet, and gets the job done.


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