April 9, 2022

Power Of The People

Archimedes said that if you had a lever large enough, you could move the Earth. 

Accordingly, if you had enough people and the necessary handholds and place to stand for everyone, you could lift the Earth.

The Amish show this to be true, albeit at a smaller scale. 

In this video they model the power of the people and what can be done when we work together.

Competition has it's place in nature, but manufactured artificial "survival of the cruelest" competition for the benefit of the few is socially corrosive and unnatural.

There are more examples of cooperation in nature than there are of competition. There are both.

In human society, the mix between the two has been put grossly out of balance, and we are now seeing the full effect of fake, imposed competition where cooperation would naturally reign.

Surviving and thriving on Earth is a cooperative activity. If we don't start tapping into the power of the people, working  with each other and with the greater natural community, we are done.

Note to self. Bumper sticker meme idea: "If the Amish can do it, why can't we?"

We can get together and move the Earth. Or anything else we choose.

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