April 17, 2022

Consumerism Explained Part II

The Circus of Consumption is producing so many distractions for us to devour that the ring masters are getting wealthier from us being entertained to death.

People who are entertained endlessly will hardly even notice when their world is crapified for profit.

Our being harmed and killed by the entertainments, distractions, and propaganda is simply a fringe benefit for the operators of this infernal machine.

Just because we aren't consuming a material thing does not make consuming "entertainment experiences" any better for us. 

Especially if they are pre-packaged crappy experiences.

The most troubling thing is that while this is happening there are no cries of anguish to be heard from the chronically entertained.

The only cries are for "More, more, more" of the same three rings simultaneously slinging mental sludge.

We can't turn it off, and we can't get enough. The consumer circus goes on.

Or does it?


  1. Nodding my head, YES! And there is information/data overload, done on purpose, too.

    1. "Done on purpose." Unfortunately, to great effect. Bud more and more are catching on to this deadly game. Will it be on time? We will see...

  2. I am frequenty stunned by what passes for entertainment these days, especially the extreme and unwarranted violence. Do parents really believe that a ten-year old who spends his playtime shooting down villains or hacking humanoid bad guys into pieces isn't affected by this? I was such a hippie my children weren't allowed water pistols.

    1. Let me first say - "I love hippies!" Despite being vilified and denigrated by members of the establishment, they got many things right. Including non-violence.

      Second, I fail utterly to see how violence can be entertainment. It is a sign of a sickness in society, and a dangerous one at that.

      I want to see Return Of The Hippies. They would be met by the riot squad, no doubt. Still too dangerous to the powers that shouldn't be.


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