April 23, 2022

No-Energy Food Storage: Carrots In A Moss Bin

I have been experimenting with a forest moss bin in our unheated garage for the storage of garden carrots for the past two years as a no-energy method for preserving our food.

This year, after our garden carrots (and beets) were used up, I put store-bought carrots in the bin to see how they would make out.

The carrots start growing again. When the carrots went in, not a root or top growth was to be seen on any of them. 

After many days in the moss, take a look! 

The long roots snake through the moss, which I keep hydrated over the season with occasional half cups of water sprinkled around.

I have never seen roots or new tops like these on store carrots while in their plastic bag in the crisper of my fridge. 

Moss bin carrots last longer, and can be stored for months rather than weeks. We can stock up when carrots are on sale, and not worry about them going bad.

And best of all, I find that any carrot stored in the bin tastes fresher than carrots kept in the fridge. 

Bonus: saves energy, which saves money.

Bonus plus: the moss can be returned to the forest as the weather warms up, and any parts still alive will grow again.

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