April 21, 2022

Consumerism Explained Part III

After only 100 years of material excess, workers in consumer nations are witnessing the beginning of life with less stuff. 

It was unofficially over when they announced that in the near future "you won't own anything". 

The training and pressure to consume has been intense since the 1800s, but especially since the 1920s. 

Since then virtuous workers citizens consumers have done what they were told, for the good of everyone. Shopping was sold as a patriotic act in a classic mind control operation. 

Work, shop, repeat. We were drawn into a fake new world.

And now, the matrix is closing in.

"You should feel lucky to have food!" is the new, "You should feel lucky to have a job!"

Post-consumerism is a state that was destined to come from the beginning, and this had to always be known. 

But there were minds to infect, and profits to be made.

Consumer propaganda went so deep that our fears and negative attitudes have been internalized. We don't realize they are not our beliefs at all. 

We assume they are simply "the way life is".

Now it is becoming more apparent that a life based on endless consumption, waste, and disconnection from nature and each other, is neither possible nor desirable.

This is not the way life is, or ever was, or ever will be again.

They lied, and now they are in a panic.

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