April 22, 2022

Earth Day 2022 - Love Your Mother

Earth Day 2022. The 52nd Earth Day. 

Their motto this year is "Invest in Our Planet". 

Doesn't that mean that you expect some kind of return, some profit from this investment? Are we that callous and selfish that we would sell out our own mom?

Wow, imagine the state we would be in if we didn't have those 51 years under our belts leading to the state we are in today.

My alternative motto this Earth Day, is "Love Your Mother". 

You wouldn't sell your Mom out to the highest bidder. 

You wouldn't knowingly hurt your Mother. 

And if she was sick, you would drop everything and make her health your #1 priority over everything else.

We have been tricked into selling our Mother to the bankers, in exchange for what WE want, to fulfill OUR limitless desires. The sacred bond has been broken.

"In this state of total consumerism - which is to say a state of helpless dependence on things and services and ideas and motives that we have forgotten how to provide ourselves - all meaningful contact between ourselves and the Earth is broken. 

We do not understand the Earth in terms either of what it offers us or of what it requires of us, and I think it is the rule that people inevitably destroy what they do not understand.” 

― Wendell Berry

When Berry writes about the Earth, he also understands it to be the Mother of All.

We have forgotten that The Mother of All offers us everything. This relationship requires us to show her our love, gratitude, and respect in all we do.

She will do everything for us unconditionally and for as long as she can. Today she is sick.

What will we do?

Remember our love for our Mother. 

Maybe by the 53rd Earth Day we will begin expressing that love through every thought, decision, and action. 

When we do that, current abusive systems will be blown away. This planet, and all its inhabitants will begin to heal.

Peace and harmony will reign. 

Years of digging the Earth,
Searching for the blue sky,
Piling up layer upon layer
Of mediocrity.
Then one dark night
The ceiling blew off,
And the whole structure
Disappeared into emptiness.

- Muso

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