July 29, 2011

A Wake Up Call For Simplicity

Simple living is all about letting go of non-essentials so that you can joyfully embrace what's most important to you. Choosing simplicity involves clearing away clutter that detracts from the true purpose and beauty of life. There is a delightful range of choices for simplifying our lives.

All over the world people are yearning for balance. People are saying that they want simpler lifestyles more in line with their core values. Simplification is a leading trend of our times.

Sometimes it takes "wake up calls" to re-evaluate our lives. Lately we have had many such reminders that it is time. Economic turmoil, unemployment, global climate change, peak oil, famine, and revolution - how many more such calls to change and action do we need?

These calls are a reminder:
  • that life is precious
that we no longer have time for pettiness
that we have much to give, and
NOW is the time for doing what is important.
Surround yourself with beauty as you begin your quest to simplify your life. Begin paying more attention to aspects of everyday life that inspire you.

In your search for simple beauty, intuition simplifies your decision-making. Intuition is your sense of what is true or what is best to do. It will enable you to make better decisions that will enrich your life. Listen to your inner voice - it knows what is best for you, and will lead you toward making positive changes in your life.

Support yourself as you start to make these changes. For example, try writing a journal to record your progress and challenges while simplifying. Or exchange experiences and share support with like-minded people, including right here at NBA.

We would love to hear your stories of simplification. What was your wake up call?


  1. My wake up call was the clutter inside my house and my feelings of depression and sadness. Life was passing me by and i wasn´t living at all, i was merely surviving.

  2. Marina,

    When we were working full time it felt like we were either working, or recovering from work. There was very little time for anything else.

    Now we are living with less, but have a much calmer, more balanced lifestyle. I hope that you have found happiness in your decision to de-clutter your life and live more simply.

    Together we can build a better, more sustainable world, and more harmonious lives.


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