July 6, 2011

Learning To Live By The Rhythm Of The Days

The Sun Salutation - a good way to start the day
Living the simple life allows one to redefine the meaning of time. The band Chicago asked in a popular song, "Does anybody really know what time it is?", and more importantly, "Does anybody really care?" It was while traveling overseas for a year that I came to love not knowing, or caring, what time it was.

Even better than letting go of the hours was losing track of the day of the week. Eventually, losing the month became a goal - one which was successfully met. I was learning to live with the rhythm of the days.

Since returning from traveling time has never been the same. All timepieces have been misplaced. Calenders have been known to get a month (or more) behind before they get flipped. Day Timers and Schedule Books are a thing of the anxious past. Now time is just time.

Contrary to the popular saying, time is not money, but we live as if it is. This causes us to try to do more stuff in less time, resulting in time AND money stress. Time is more important than money. Time is made of sequential precious moments, and slowing down to notice them is the route to health and well being.
Rubber Time

Try spending a day on Rubber Time. Let time stretch and bulge around you. Build your activities around the rhythms of the day. Forget clock-time, and simply respond to whatever the day presents you. 

Jim Morrison said, "No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn." I wonder if he was a birder? Either way, a good way to start the day is by greeting the rising sun.

The greatest symphony in the world happens as the sun comes up to the infinite varieties of bird song. Make time for it, and revel in the rising voice of the dawn. A new day is manifesting.

 Spend a moment to experience its unfolding.

Nature's rhythms, because they are our own deepest rhythms, can be the greatest healers. During Rubber Time get up when you feel rested. Eat when you feel hungry. Let yourself be spontaneous and go with the flow. If you feel tired allow yourself to lay down. Rest, sleep. Get up when you are ready.

 Let yourself be unencumbered by clock pressure or expectations.

Take a day, a few hours, or even a few minutes if that is all you can spare. Forget the clock. Do what feels natural and right.

 Reclaim your time. You may find it nice to live slowly and intentionally by the rhythm of the days.


  1. I try to do sun salutation every day. I agree, it's such a great way to start the day. My general rule is to practice before I turn on the computer. (:
    I like your thoughts about time as well. It always feels so unnatural to rush.☮

  2. Grooovygirl,

    I have always been Mr. Slow. Like a turtle, I may live for a couple of hundred years.

    When I do feel rushed or busy, there is nothing like a sun salutation or a walk in nature to set things right.

    Hope your day is un-rushed.


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