July 23, 2011

Benches Invite Us To Stop For A While

A refuge from the noise and busyness of modern life
When Linda and I were moving from the big city, and seeking a new place to dwell, readily accessible natural beauty was high on our list of things we were looking for.

Southern Vancouver Island has natural beauty in abundance. One way I can tell we came to the right place is by the number of benches situated in stunning settings. They are a refuge from a fast-paced world.

The antique ocean-side bench above is one that I have recently discovered. It is a short bicycle ride from home along a 'rails to trails' multi-purpose path. In this area it hugs the shores of Sooke Basin for several kilometers before it turns inland to cross the forested farm lands and rolling hills of Metchosin.

View from bench
Benches invite us to do something we don't do often enough - stop. A bench is a perfect place to stop, just be, and quietly observe the spectacular beauty in front, behind, to either side, above and below.

There is beauty all around us. It is nice to take some time to find a bench, stop for a while, and notice nature.

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