July 10, 2011

Is There An Enemy?

Corrupt political parties, greedy capitalists, and secret societies have all been fingered as the cause of the world's most pressing problems. There is a whole lot of blame leveled at such groups deemed "responsible" for the state of the planet. But if we are looking for the enemy, we might start by looking in the mirror.

Increasing wealth has been our Soma, and we have been asleep at the wheel for decades. While we have been distracted by shiny things everything seems to have been lurching toward a precipice we should have seen coming for years.

No one forced us to buy SUVs and 5000 sq ft houses. No one forced us to fly all over the place on exotic annual vacations that at one time not so long ago where once in a lifetime vacations. No one force fed us fast and processed GMO fake foods until our health was threatened. No, it is that face in the mirror that did all that.

Not that individual consumers can be blamed for everything. There are those that are pushing agendas of evil. But they can only succeed as long as we support them with our money and our silence.

Perhaps there is no enemy here, only crazy humans making mistakes. However, if so it is time to admit the mistakes, learn from them, and then work toward rectifying them. How do we do this?

We can start by looking in the mirror and asking about the mistakes we may be making in our own lives, perhaps without even realizing it. Once discovered, we can try to do the right thing and make changes accordingly.

And if we are all working together, there is no enemy.


  1. Anonymous11/05/2011

    Capitalism is about co operation. The most sucsesful capitalists are the one providing the masses with what they want the most. Do you know that the average life span of a person was 30 years old before the industrial revolution. Socialism is where the state steals from everyone and gives it to themselves.

  2. Anonymous11/05/2011

    Theft is the enemy, war is the enemy. Theft from the rich and theft fom the poor is wrong. Tax is theft by government to look after themselves and their buddies. Alot of so called capitalists and bankers hate the free market they want their handouts. The only important thing is strong property rights.

  3. Anon,

    Cooperation is about cooperation. 'Successful' capitalists are not driven by a desire to help anyone but themselves and their bottom line.

    Our improved health care has largely been funded by us through our governments in publicly funded laboratories.

    Socialism is when people come before profits.

    I agree that war is the common enemy, and one that needs to be stopped. I also agree that a lot of tax dollars get into the wrong pockets.

    Corporate welfare must stop.

    Not sure about property rights. Part of the problem has been the enclosure of the commons, which is ongoing.


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