July 11, 2011

No Violence, Not At All, No Where Monday

Gandhi stickers -‘No Violence / Not At All / No Where'
Gandhi spoke about using the anvil of truth, and hammer of nonviolence, to assess things. Those things that fell between anvil and hammer and failed the test were to be discarded. 

When my nephew, Sam, was 10 he decided to discard violent entertainment. For him it failed the test. If someone was watching a violent movie he would leave the room.

I admired how he took a stand on what would, and would not, enter his still-developing brain. It made me wonder, "Why does anyone wish to view violence?" It makes perfect sense to discard such negativity.

There is enough real violence in the world. Domestic violence, economic violence, class violence, sports violence, and violence against nature are all part of our daily existence. Do we really need to see fake violence in our entertainment pastimes?

I am with Samdhi - violence has no place in my life. That is one reason I have committed to living a small-footprint, sustainable lifestyle - I am trying to do the least amount of harm, the least amount of violence.


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