July 25, 2011

No Rules Monday

Keep off the grass
Our carefree enjoyment of life is being suffocated under a big, soft pillow of rules, bylaws, ordinances, and signs. They are telling us, "Do this, don't do that - can't you read the sign?" Sometimes we need to question authority, obey rules selectively, and channel a bit of creative, harmless anarchy.

The problem is that when you create rules you create rule breakers. Saul Alinsky said, "I never thought of walking on the grass until I saw a sign saying 'Keep off the grass.' Then I would stomp all over it." 

We can regain our freedom - obey rules selectively today. Many rules are unjust, excessive, and/or unnecessary. These can, and should, be broken indiscriminately. As long as no one gets hurt.

I wouldn't recommend stomping the grass, but I would definitely encourage anyone to lay on it and take a short nap.

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