December 1, 2023

Involuntary Simplicity Is Coming

Reading on the internets the other day I came across this:

"Plenty of people are not going to like how this sorts out for them personally, but whether you like it or not its coming -- and you'd be wise to contemplate where you are personally and adjust to it voluntarily before the change occurs on an involuntary basis." 

I have been saying for years that people should beat the rush and simplify now. 

Why? Because then one is acting proactively, and by choice, and both are psychologically beneficial to being prepared for what is headed our way, whatever that may be.

Our economy was doomed from the start because the infinite growth required to keep the status quo going is impossible in a finite system.

In fact, as soon as the consumer industrial complex began, forward thinkers were predicting its collapse. Now their predictions are being borne out.

It seems that every day we get closer. If the warning signs go unheeded, involuntary simplicity will be the reality for a lot of people.

And no one I know likes to be forced to do things that may be uncomfortable.

So, minimize debt as much as possible, spend wisely and save if you can, buy used if you need to buy, do as much for yourself as you can, don't waste money on things you don't need and aren't good for you, and develop thrifty and frugal approaches to living.

And if the amazing happens and things don't collapse, no problem. You will be living in a way that is more resilient and satisfying, and will be prepared for what still promises to be a leaner future.

Take care, people.

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