June 11, 2021

This Is Your Brain

This is your brain.

This is consumerism.

This is your brain on consumerism.

Any questions?


  1. Oooo, I love this!

  2. Anonymous6/12/2021

    I don't know why but when I scrolled down and saw the picture for 'this is consumerism' I burst out laughing. Possibly a stress response?! I'm still puzzled and fascinated with how in one generation we went from knowing what was 'enough' to having no boundaries.


    1. Me too! A couple years ago when I started thinking about quitting my job (I am mid-70s and I am in the home stretch) I started reading blogs and watching YouTube videos on minimalism and frugality looking for maybe that 'one more thing' that I could do to squeeze my nickels harder. Well, I have yet to find a single 'Things Frugal People Do' that I haven't just done my whole life. I sat with my jaw in my lap a lot of times at all the stories of rampant consumerism and debt - unbelievable.

  3. Anonymous6/13/2021

    That garage is so sad & so real for one of my caregiving clients. Her house is the same inside. I can't imagine how cluttered her brain is with all this junk. She only has a small section to live in because of all the junk. And she is in a wheelchair...


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