June 11, 2021

Cut The Crap

Crap defines our modern crapitalist age, but I have never specifically defined it for myself, or NBA readers. 

So I took a crack at defining it in a way that made sense for me.


(n) 1. a pile of shit (literally and figuratively) 2. worthless junk and/or pointless things and activities 3. the technical term for anything that doesn't have survival value.

Example: "The stuff in most people's garages is crap - real piles of waste."


(adj) (crappy) worthless, terrible, shoddy, pointless, etc... 

Example: "Our crappy system is going to kill all life on this planet."

See decrapping (v). making something simple and beautiful again.

Example: "Wow. Your house looks great after your major decrapping project." 

We are going to need to cut the crap, and change the crapitalist system that spews it out endlessly, if we are to save ourselves.

No one needs more waste. 

No one.



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