June 29, 2021

Jabbed, Stabbed, And Confabbed

"We are not against vaccines and in no way anti-vaxxers, rather, we support vaccines once developed properly."     - Paul Alexander


I have heard many reasons that people are giving for getting jabbed for coronavirus. 

I find them as odd and troubling as the celebrity endorsements and government lotteries that cajole people into buying in to today's medical tyranny.

These justifications are an understandable result of being terrorized for over a year by the unholy trinity of government, big business, and relentless mainstream media coverage. 

Fear and anxiety rule the day.

Here are some of the reasons I have heard from both the news and personally.

"I want to travel with my daughter."

"I want to see my family."

"I want to see my friends."

"It is required for my job."

"It's mandatory at the university."

"So we can 'open up'."

"I don't want to be an anti-science selfish outcast."

"It will kill my grandma if I don't get it."

"I want to go to the pub." 

The way I see it, there is only one single reason one should get any vaccine: 

"To lessen the suffering resulting from serious disease."

This is not a reason I have frequently heard in the push to vaccinate the entire human population. 

If it is mentioned, it is an afterthought.

We have every reason, given past transgressions, to distrust just about everything corporations, their media, and any government (especially the US govt) has to say about anything.

When did we become so trusting?

"Big Pharma's actions protect industry profits over public safety, far too often."

Now Big Corrupted Pharma is telling us that "there is no alternative" to their questionable complex and essentially untested solutions. 

TINA. I have heard that before.

That's the official catch phrase of capitalism. 

When it comes to our health, I don't find that reassuring. 

There are ALWAYS alternatives, and often they are simpler, cheaper, safer, and more efficacious.

But they may not be more profitable, and therein lies the problem. 

The health of the economy is given more importance than the health of the people.

Since 2020 we have all been jabbed, as in "punched, especially with short, quick blows". 

This whole pandemic thing has stabbed us in the back, then knocked us on our heels. 

The mass of humanity is reeling and grasping for the ropes of normality. 

Our thinking has been clouded by chronic fear through media-fuelled lies and censorship

The only reason one should have to be vaccinated is to prevent serious suffering from disease. 

Vaccines should never be used as forced bargaining chips to trade for rights and freedoms that never should have been taken away in the first place.

Never before has any pandemic been countered by shutting down all of society, then vaccinating every single person on Earth.  

Why now?

As usual, follow the money.

All pharmaceutical companies are racketeering corporations. You only have to look at their massive out of court settlements and fines for criminal and civil offences. 

Here are just a few recent examples:

GlaxoSmithKline (2012) settlement $3 billion ($1bn criminal, $2 bn civil: False Claims Act).

Pfizer (2009) settlement $2.3 bn (False Claims Act).

Johnson & Johnson (2013) settlement $2.2 bn (False Claims Act).

Abbott Labs (2012) settlement $1.5bn (False Claims Act)

Eli Lilly (2009) settlement $1.4 bn (False Claims Act).

TAP Pharmaceutical Products (2001) $875 million (False Claims Act).

Please note: I am not an "anti-vaxer"... or at least I wasn't until the whole botched coronavirus response. 

There are valid reasons for being wary.

See here for "The Long Shadow of the 1976 Swine Flu Vaccine ‘Fiasco’".

The only victims of that almost-pandemic were the 45 million people who received "unnecessary vaccinations", and the thousands of vaccinated that experienced serious adverse side effects, including nerve damage and death. 



  1. Anonymous6/29/2021

    Vaccines have undoubtedly done a lot of good, but have also been poorly used and understood, see swine flu and common flu. Vaccines of course have a long history in India and China.

    Big pharma is a highly corrupt industry, lying to the public is the norm. Manipulating studies and not publishing negative ones. Look into funnel plots to get a taste of the missing data. Most doctor's don't have a clue how the medications actually work and a lot of money is spent on marketing and manufacturing markets. An obvious case is the US opioid epidemic, which there should be a massive outcry as people were made into addicts.


    1. I am suspicious. At this point all the vaccines are experimental, and I do not wish to be a test subject.

  2. Anonymous6/29/2021

    I wanted to lessen my chance of disease (I have underlying conditions) and lessen my chance of spreading it to those who cannot get the vaccine (they have even more risk with underlying conditions). To me, anything is a valid reason, since no matter what, it is helping us realize that life is not simply everyone for themselves. We are interconnected.

    1. That is very nicely said.

    2. Anonymous6/29/2021

      Indeed, very nicely said. The interconnected aspect was a big part of why I got the vaccine. May sound strange but to me, vaccination was the right "human community" thing to do and even though I don't agree with many ways the human community acts, I still felt that need to do my part. - Mary

  3. Anonymous6/30/2021

    The sane and sensible option that no-one is discussing is good nutrition and adequate vitamin D levels. It seems to me that the queues at the take away joints and bottle shops have never been longer. In my humble opinion, we are doing our bit 'for the greater good' by taking excellent care of our health. If we stay healthy we do not spread disease.

    Many who have pre-existing health conditions could eliminate those quickly by losing weight, quitting smoking and excess alcohol consumption, exercising, getting adequate sunshine and eating a highly nutritious diet. Sadly, highly nutritious food is not affordable for all.

    According to WHO back in February when around two million people had died of Covid:

    Each year around 9.5 million people per year die of cancer, 7 million people a year die due to tobacco smoking, 1.35 million people a year are killed in traffic accidents (not to mention the 20 - 50 million injuries and long-term disabilities caused by cars), 829,000 people die due to dirty water and a whopping 12.6 million people die due to pollution (air, water, soil, chemical exposure and UV radiation).

    Governments do not seem to think these staggering figures are a cause for concern.

    It's enough to make you stop and think, isn't it?


    1. Oh, yes. Linda and I have been pondering these things for a very long time. We have never got any seasonal flue shots, and we have also never got the flu. We eat wholesome organic foods, wash hands, keep stress level low, exercise, drink water, and spend time in nature. Living the way we live, we don't get sick.

      The last time we had any vaccinations was before we did some international travel years ago. Linda's MS got a lot worse after that, which may be coincidental. Or maybe not.

      I am of the same thinking about what we can do for others now and in the future. There are many ways we can honour others with our actions. Getting vaccinated is only one of them, and this time around is probably not the best or safest option.

      We have friends that got vaccinated and have been traveling as much as possible during the pandemic. We didn't get vaccinated, and haven't left our immediate area since March 2020 (and even before that). Who is doing more for whom?

      As for the rest of the statistics you shared - well, there it is. The numbers are real, folks. The third leading cause of death in the US is medical errors (250,000/yr), just after heart disease (635,000/yr), and cancer (600,000).

      Where is the action toward changing that? We can get rid of humanity's freedoms, but we can't get rid of cars. Why is that?

      The only reason they threw a pandemic for everyone is because it was massively profitable for the already ultra-wealthy. The numbers there don't lie, either.

  4. I live in a city. I live in an apartment building (which, by the way, is a wonderful community). I use (however irregularly) public transportation. I have a family member who is immunocompromised. I have lost four friends living in various parts of the globe to this virus and two more to the virus' side effects of isolation and loss of income (with the ensuing malnutriton, homelessness, hopelessnes/depression). The daughter of one of the friends lost also caught the virus and will, at 23, be living on the end of an oxygen generator for the rest of her life. I always ask people who speak up strongly against the vaccines or something as simple as wearing a mask, "Ah, you haven't lost anyone have you?" The most terrifying thing to me is the possibility of being an asymptonatic carrier and passing the virus to someone else. For what it's worth, my nickel's worth.

    1. Anonymous7/03/2021

      Hi Mela, I am really sorry to hear that you have lost people you love in these very challenging times we live in. I am sending you big hugs across the waters. I want to make it clear that I am not anti-vacc, I am pro informed choice. In some cases I think vaccines are the best option, but not in all cases, and not for all people.

      I have personally had a serious vaccine reaction (to a trial Hepatitis vaccine I was pushed to have in the 90s) and am still living with the consequences. My sister in law reacted badly to her first dose in the UK, was told the second dose would be better, and is still not well 2 months later. We are very concerned about her health in the long-term now. There have been deaths, including young people, from these vaccines. On the other hand, my elderly in-laws seem to be absolutely fine after their vaccination. It is this lack of consistency that concerns me greatly.

      I do not think you can put refusal to wear a mask in the same category as vaccine hesitation. Mask wearing does not carry the same serious risks, the same goes for hand washing and sanitiser - these are easy, common sense things we can do to help for 'the common good'. But when one is asked to inject something not adequately tested 'for the common good', I hesitate. When my kids were little I knew 3 women whose babies had vaccine reactions within 24 hours of the vaccine. One of these babies died, 2 were disabled, all the women were told it was 'a co-incidence'. As I live in a small town it seems the 'tiny' risk we were told about was in fact much bigger.

      I am always open to being wrong, and in the case of vaccines I would be happy if they turned out to be very safe and helpful in preventing suffering. But for the moment I will wait and see. The important thing for all of us to remember is that most people are doing the best they can with the information they have and their own personal medical histories. The other important thing is to remember to practise kindness, at all times, whether we agree or disagree with others.


    2. Mela, those are some awful stories. So much suffering. Sorry to hear about all of it.


      With truth and reality being chucked out the window in recent years, it is difficult to know who to trust and what to believe. However, I have seen how our system works, and I remain suspicious of everything it promotes.

      Right now it seems like our rulers are again using "divide and conquer" on us, but this time they are using a whole new thing to separate us - our vaccine status.

      If they can get us fighting with each other over that, it benefits them by diverting our attention away from the real problem - them once again.

      A friend recently told us she was sad and frustrated Linda and I wouldn't be getting vaccinated for covid. I don't like that kind of pressure from anyone. I find the whole vaccine hysteria highly disturbing. Understandable, but disturbing.

      Stay safe out there, everyone. Our weird world is managing to get even weirder. And more dangerous.

    3. "Be kind", is always good advice.

  5. The graphic is useful in showing how involved money is in vaccine production, but the part that shows vaccines causing autism in children is false, so I think it's worth adding a disclaimer if you keep the graphic, so not to misinform people.

    1. I don't know what causes autism. I don't think anyone does. It seems to be an industrial disease, just another unintended consequence of a capitalist system gone wild.

      All I can say to my readers is "trust no one, do your own research, and draw your own conclusions". Also, "be suspicious".

  6. Gregg, thank you for your honesty here. I am also unvaccinated. An untested gene therapy is not the same thing as a well-tested and 60+ year old true vaccine -- and even those can have problems. It startles me when I hear people saying they "believe" in science and can't wait to line up to get the shot. Science is not something to be believed - it is a method of finding facts through trial and error, always updating one's information to match objective reality. And the "science" people speak of is simply what the news media disseminates; I have not found anyone yet who does a thorough dig into the reality of how this shot works and what is can do to the human organism. If they did, I think most would abstain. Yes, people are contracting the virus and suffering. And that is very sad. But many come through it with durable and long-lasting immunity to show for it. Why anyone who has had the virus would get this shot is beyond me. My family has all chosen to get it and I worry for their longterm health. Of course, when harm occurs it is very hard to connect it to a gene therapy people injected 2, 3, or 10 years prior. If vaccine makers had to pay out for injuries and deaths, they would go bankrupt - hence, they don't. Sadly, this is about money and power. I wish I were wrong, but I have the sinking feeling I'm not.

    To Madeleine's point, about 11 million people die each year from poor diet, but we don't hear about that - it is diffuse and not sensational. Where is the intense peer pressure to eat a healthy diet? No, it is a "freedom" to slowly kill oneself with malnutrition and obesity, which brings on many aberrant processes in the human body. When I heard that company's were giving away donuts and pizza to employees who go the shot, I was dumbfounded - they need vitamin D, C, zinc, antivirual herbs, deep sleep, human contact, and lots of clean water and nutritious food!

    When I've shared that I am unvaccinated, people respond with disbelief (but you're such a liberal!?) and pity; it seems to threaten people's world view to know that I have many questions about a shot so many have taken so readily. This whole deal has been politicized to the extreme. "Good" liberals do the right thing and get the shot, no questions asked. They erroneously believe only unvaccinated people are a threat to them, that they "wear armor" (their words), and that I am the only one who can carry the virus. They are wrong, but are so frightened that they will not open their minds to anything else. I wish this weren't the case.

    Lastly, we live on planet earth and cannot escape our fellow organisms - bacteria, viruses, etc. Taking great care of our bodies, minds, and spirits goes a long way toward being able to get through this and other illnesses. How cool would it be if this experience prompted people around the globe to garden together, walk together, laugh together, sing together, trust one another, and love? I think that would support the health of so many, making them stronger as they face the realities of life on this amazing planet. Here's hoping!


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