June 24, 2021

Strawberries Over A Full Moon

One of the joys of early summer in Nova Scotia is fresh, local strawberries. Red and plump, juicy and sweet.

We bought a flat (8 pints or 4.5 L) of strawberries from "The Valley" in the neighbouring county. 

Beautiful berries at a good price means doing some early season processing. Last year we made jam which turned out really nice. We still have two jars left.

This year Linda wants to pick some rhubarb from our neighbour's ample patch and make strawberry/rhubarb jam. 

It wasn't coincidental that we bought our berries on the day of the first full moon of summer - it was a planned celebration.

Tonight, at 9:30 pm here, we watched the Strawberry Moon rise over the woods in the SE, and savoured a bowl of the first berries of summer. 

It was a berry bash with a light show to boot, and it was magical.

Happy summer, people. I don't know about you, but we are going to enjoy it like it is our last.


  1. Anonymous6/25/2021

    "We are going to enjoy it like it is our last" Great advice. We should aspire to live everyday with this in mind.

  2. Those look so delicious, I have been making dewberry/rhubarb pies so good.


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