June 27, 2021

Shutting Google Ads Down

I don't have any advertising on my blog, nor will I ever have. I dislike advertising wherever it pops up, and it pops up everywhere. 

That is why I have a new obsession when I am on line. It may be as useless as a finger in a leaky dike, but it feels good.

When I navigate to web pages I am interested in, I take a moment to scroll down and close every single Google ad.

How many will there be? It varies, but there are usually lots. All Google. They are taking over, and I am not the only one that doesn't like that.

They are collecting data on how people interact with their advertising, so I am sending a message. 

"You suck, and the advertisers using you suck. I shut you all down."

I am not sure of the degree of usefulness of this practice, but it feels very satisfying.

Google, I am shutting you down, one crappy ad at a time!

I just look for that little x in the top right corner of any Google ad and close, close, close to my brain's content.

I can't make them pay taxes, and I can't break them up into manageable bits, but I can keep them off my blog, and I can shut them down in my online world.

Can I do more to hit this monopoly in the extra large pocketbook? Yes, I think so.

Unfortunately, this blogging platform is owned by them, and I would like to do something about that some day.

Have you migrated a blog from Blogger to another platform, like Wordpress? Was it daunting? 

For now I will be content to continue shutting down their annoying advertising, but I am keeping them in my "must change this" category when it comes to blog hosting.


  1. I don't have ads on mine either. My motivation was never to earn money by blogging. Arilx

  2. Ad Blocker Plus is my best friend. And the price is right (free).

  3. Anonymous6/28/2021

    If you use Firefox go for Unlock origin (open source) and privacy badger (free software foundation), no more ads. Swisscows search doesn't track. Linux is open code and there is no tracking. Using this is very freeing and a very different experience from Google adland.

  4. I feel the same way. I opened one of my google blogs and Privacy Badger said it is blocking out google ads but I can't see them. Are they there? Probably. Someone coming to my blogger blog will see them apparently.
    I wish there was an easy answer to what platform is best. I taught both blogger and wordpress. I got off wordpress a few years ago when they changed how you build a post. Blogger is the most reliable to post, and create, in my humble opinion. But data mining is their goal. We are the meal.


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