March 1, 2021

Without Propaganda How Would We Know What To Think?

Thank goodness for the mainstream media and their advertisers. 

Without them, how would we know:

* who the person, organization, or country is the correct one to hate on any particular day?

* how competition is better than cooperation, and how we need to vanquish our competitors utterly and completely for total victory?

* that billionaires are a net benefit to the planet?

* what things we need to buy to give the illusion of success?

* how we need to look and act in order to be accepted in society?

* that capitalism and democracy are the only alternatives and that they are both operating smoothly for the benefit of all humans?

* what to be scared of, and exactly how much fear is appropriate at the moment?

Note: whenever the MSM finally warns us that we need to take meaningful action to protect ourselves from real, actual threats, it means that it is already too late to do anything.

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