March 18, 2021

Reader Resources - Mark Boyle's Life Without Machines

No electric, no running water, no machines.

We do love reading comments here on Not Buying Anything. They make our blog better. 

One reason? Because generous, sharing-minded readers mention simple living resources of all kinds, and Linda and I love learning. We are as curious as cats... but only one life. Maybe.

Therefore, expanding our experiences via the resources that readers share in comments is a happy result of blogging here.

A recent Reader Resource we want to highlight was Madeleine mentioning Mark Boyle's book, The Way Home.  

 An online review described it as follows:

"Lyrical and profound, The Way Home is a meditation on rural life without modern technology. Mark Boyle reveals how deeply entangled our day-to-day lives are with machines and opens a window to a completely different kind of existence - akin to that of our forbearers."

You can read an interview with Mark Boyle that describes his motivations here.

Mark is famous for living without money for three years and for writing The Moneyless Man and The Moneyless Manifesto.

Now, like the rest of us, he is simply trying to find his way home. 

Love those reader resources. Thanks, Madeleine.

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  1. Anonymous3/20/2021

    Gregg, I'm so pleased that you and Linda are exploring Mark Boyle's work, I thought of you two immediately when I heard him interviewed.



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