March 16, 2021

To Learn Stillness, Seek Out A Tree

Very few people can do a thing as difficult as sitting in stillness. In a busy world, very few know how. Or feel they have time.

Eckhart Tolle recommends that if you want to learn stillness, "seek out a tree". 

"Let stillness", he said, "direct your words and actions".

Trees and forests have long been my refuge, my church, my place to worship, and to heal. 

No matter where I go, I seek out the trees.

They have taught me not only the benefits of stillness, but also humility, patience, flexibility and perseverance.

Forests are models of cooperation, with roots and fungal threads joining the community together into a single, supportive super-organism. 

The answers humanity needs at this time will not be found while we are busy with other things, and they will not be found through high-tech solutions.

Mother Nature is the Technoqueen. She has all the lessons, all the answers.

These answers will only be found when we achieve the stillness required to allow our life to flow freely and openly. 

The trees are waiting to teach us. They may be patient, but our time is running out.

Don't wait - to learn stillness, seek out a tree. 

Sit quietly. 

That is all that is required.

Use what you learn to direct your thoughts, words, and actions.


1 comment:

  1. I loved to sit under a tree in my swing, facing away from the road. I wanted trees to surround me and for me to face my trees, flowers, and shrubs. I have a corner lot, so one side faced a road, but it was sheltered by my greenery. I did not go outdoors to sit facing traffic. Friends thought it would be great fun to watch and see who drove by. ??? Green of nature is restorative.


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