March 14, 2021

One Year No Cars-a-versary

Somewhere around now is my one year anniversary of the last time I moved across the face of the Earth with a motor, other than my legs.

I remember the day. I hitched a ride to the grocery store with our neighbours.  

This period is the longest I have gone without using fossil fuelled transportation in my life.

No cars. No buses. No planes. No trucks. No quads. No motorcycles. No trains. No ride on lawn mowers. No taxis.

No personal production of greenhouse gases. Not directly, anyway.

No moving faster than I can go on my bike, which is a pace I am much more comfortable with.

I love how quiet it has been. How local it has been. How less stinky it has been. How much less of a hassle it has been, when I thought it would be more of a hassle.

On this one year anniversary, I find that I do not miss being dependent on car ownership, or even ridership, to get things done.

My one year no car-a-versary is a celebration of breaking free of the tyranny of the private automobile.

Car makers advertise their products as the ultimate "freedom machines". 

If so, why do I feel so much more free not owning one?

Or even riding in one?

Here is what they know, but obviously will never say, 

"Human survival can only arrive on foot... or by bicycle".


  1. Anonymous3/14/2021

    Happy one year no-car-a-versary to you! - Mary

  2. So glad that it's worked out for you. I'll be honest and tell you that I was concerned when you decided to take the plunge. Hope you two are enjoying the coming Spring.


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